ChoiceMAX- Smart forecasting and analytics technology.

Since 2020, Choice Hotels undertook the task of creating a Revenue Management System in order to management the public and dynamic rates. With the aim of providing franchisees with solid price optimization based on prices and inventory algorithms.

This tool is allowing all hotels to effectively manage their rates and maximize the revenue opportunity.

That’s why Choice Hotels is investing in cutting-edge technology to help advance the evolution of our revenue management strategy. Amid an ever-changing competitive climate, rising customer expectations and an increasingly complex environment, starting in January 2022, franchisees will begin to learn about ChoiceMAX.

ChoiceMAX our new Revenue Management system will ensure that it would help achieve optimal results and drive hotel engagement.

ChoiceMAX Key points:

  • Fully automated decision system with a 365-day decision window.
  • 100% statistic-based system for automated data analysis, forecasting, pricing, and controls to focus on the right strategy.
  • Set it up and forget it!
  • Optimal prices are set automatically.


  • Increase innovation in the face of competition.
  • Increase in personalized consumer demand.
  • Accurate demand forecast.
  • Take advantage of technology investments.
  • Manage short and long-term purchase windows.
  • ChoiceMAX alerts users to important changes.
  • Quick access to key statistics impacting rates.
  • Created by IDeas, the world’s leading provider of revenue management systems and services.
  • Assistance when and where it is needed.

Strongly supported by Choice Hotels International, a global company recognised for 80 years of growth and innovation, we understand that in today’s changing distribution landscape it’s more important than ever to have a skilled team in your corner.

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